Selected seminar presentations

• Mavsar, R. 2011. Forest Ecosystem Services in the MENA Region: need for further knowledge for sustainable forest governance. In the Conference: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity. Recognizing and capturing the value of forest ecosystem services in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Tunis (Tunisia).

• Mavsar, R. 2011. Water for forest people in the Mediterranean Region: a challenging balance.In the Conference: Workshop on Forests and Water in drylands: A Virtuous Cycle - Information exchange from the Mediterranean to Central Asia.

• Mavsar, R. 2011. Development of a methodology for the analysis of socioeconomic impact of forest fires in Europe. At the Conference "Living with Fire: Addressing Global Change through Integrated Fire Management”. Sun City, South Africa. 

• Mavsar, R. 2011. La importancia y la evaluación de la producción forestal sin valor de mercade en la región mediterránea. At the IUMP summer course "Future forests. Challenges of Mediterranean forests facing climate change". Barcelona, Spain.

• Palahí, M. 2011. Reptes científics i polítics d'adaptació de la gestió dels boscos mediterranis al canvi climàtic. At the IUMP summer course "Future forests. Challenges of Mediterranean forests facing climate change". Barcelona, Spain.

• Palahí, M. 2010. Noves eines científiques per la planificació de la gestió forestal. At the IEC-CREAF workshop "Boscos i Canvi Global: de la Recerca a la Gestió adaptativa". Barcelona, Spain.

• Bonet, J.A.; Pukkala, T.; Fischer, C.R.; Palahí, M.; Martínez de Aragón, J.; Colinas, C.: Empirical models for predicting the production of wild mushrooms in Scots pine forests in the Central Pyrenees. EFIMED Annual Meeting.

Rois-Díaz, M.; Mosquera-Losada, R.; Rigueiro-Rodríguez, A.: Silvopastoralism and biodiversity indicators. EFIMED Annual Meeting.

Mavsar, R.; Riera, P.: Valuation of externalities in Mediterranean forests in Spain. EFIMED Annual Meeting.

Mavsar, R.; Farreras, V.: Economic valuation of forest fire prevention programme in Catalonia (NE Spain). EFIMED Annual Meeting.

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González J.R; Palahí M; Pukkala T; Trasobares A. (2007) Modelling the risk of forest fires in Catalonia (North-East Spain) for forest management planning purposes. Proceedings of the 4th international Wildland Fire conference. Seville, Spain 13-17 May 2007