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Sowing Mediterranean oaks

02.08.2017 10:40

Sowing acorns from Mediterranean oaks is an age-old practice and in this leaflet, we assess the method overall and reconsider it in the light of recent experimentations carried out notably in South-East France and in the north of Spain. We describe the advantages and drawbacks of sowing compared to planting, followed by the basic principles for collecting, sorting and conserving the acorns. 

The requirements for effective sowing are then reviewed prior to considering the conditions for success in relation to damage from wildlife (rodents, herbivores, wild boar) and methods for preventing it. Finally, we define the impact of habitat on the success of sowing and the role played by vegetation and “nursing” devices. We conclude by stressing the advantages of the technique for the restoration of habitats and the improvement of their resilience.


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Source: Irstea

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