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Forest fires in France: adapting policy to the challenges brought by global change

31.07.2017 14:24

Photo: UT Graf

Following the huge forest fires of the 90s in south-east France, a new policy and strategy for prevention and suppression was put in place in 1992. The cornerstone for this policy was the large-scale combat of fire outbreaks with all available resources, so that fires would be put out as soon as possible to avoid them spreading.

A new study, led by IRSTEA, analyses the effects of this policy on forest fire activity, questioning its long-term effectiveness and suggesting action points for sustainable management of forest fire risk in the region.




These action points include:

  • Find a new balance between fighting and preventing fires
  • Comply with legal obligations for forest clearing and favour sylvo-pastoral upkeep 
  • Collectmore biomass from the forest and make better use of biomaterials
  • Plant forest species that are more resistent and resilient to fire
  • Create and maintain access for firefighters, promote agricultural spaces in landscapes at risk
  • Raise awareness among citizens about how they can proect their homes themselves

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Source (French): IRSTEA

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