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Building cooperation, developing skills and sharing knowledge for Natura 2000 forests for the Greek forest community

26.01.2016 12:02

The difficulties in assessing and communicating new knowledge on forest management, especially in relation to the management of Natura 2000 forest sites, is one of the main issues targeted by the LIFE ForestLife project, implemented by the Greek Forest Service and the Greek Biotope/Wetland Centre (ΕΚΒΥ).

Another important issue for this project is the lack of modern tools for communication and cooperation between the members of the Greek forest community. The need to overcome these obstacles was identified during the first meetings of the on-going New Biogeographic Process (Natura 2000 Seminars Process), along with obsolete governance procedures and reduced funding.


The project’s general objective is to support the exchange of knowledge and best practice along with the development of skills of forest managers and other personnel working in forests within Natura 2000 sites in Greece. To achieve the above, the project will develop internet tools for the dissemination of knowledge, cooperation and interaction between the members of the Greek forest community. It will also increase the knowledge of its members on critical issues for the conservation of the forest habitat types and familiarize them with the use of modern communication and information tools. An internet based “Collaboration Platform for Forests” (CPF) will play the key-role during this process, along with a series of seminars and other capacity building and dissemination actions.

Other deliverables of the project include an application for mobile devices, which will provide forest visitors with ecological and tourist infrastructure information for each forest area and an e-book for the Greek forests.

The project’s target audience is the Greek forest community and, in particular, the personnel of the Greek Forest Service and of other public services and bodies with competency to forest areas, non-state forest managers, forest cooperatives and other professionals working in forests. In the latter category, professionals collecting non-wood forest products and employees of tourist enterprises involved in outdoor activities are also included.

Further to the above, project’s stakeholders include scientists working on relevant fields, forest consultants, non-governmental organisations, visitors and other forest users, such as hunters.

ForestLife’s full title is LIFE14 GIE/GR/000304 “Building cooperation, developing skills and sharing knowledge for Natura 2000 forests in Greece” and its duration is four years (2015 to 2019). With the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union.

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Photos: ΕΚΒΥ Photo archive/L. Logothetis 

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