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VALERIE stakeholder meeting in Roncal (Spain)

18.01.2016 13:26

The VALERIE stakeholder meeting of Spanish case study took place in Roncal (Navarra, Spain) on 15 January. The Spanish case study deals with the challenges of implementing sustainable forest management in a context of fragmented mountain forest holdings.

Over 3,000 hectares of Pinus sylvestris, Quercus pubescens and Fagus sylvatica belonging to private landowners have been left without management in the last 40 years. In their aim to revitalise forest management in this area, several challenges accrue. Valerie project aims at making the best agricultural and forestry science available to practitioners

Therefore, as part of Valerie, EFIMED and USSE/FORESNA support the case study in Navarra through implementing diverse innovations. First, and transversal along the project time, the establishment of a joint forest management plan; secondly, the use of LIDAR technology for a more efficient inventory exercise.

During the meeting, USSE/FORESNA technician with EFIMED researcher presented AskValerie. AskValerie is the search engine which aims at bridging the gap between scientific results and practitioners.

Being currently under construction, its approach and usefulness is being tested. Spanish stakeholders expressed their views about the tool, and suggested new topics for improvement. The finalised joint management plan is foreseen for summer 2016, still needing approval from the Navarra forest service.


An article about the project was recently issued at the Navarra Forestal magazine (in Spanish).


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Photos: Elena Górriz

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