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SylvaMED Final Conference

20.06.2013 00:00

final_conf_genoa2013_360.jpg : 72Kb

Photo: Sandra Torrebadella

The Final Conference of the SylvaMED project took place in Genoa, Italy on 5 June.

The Conference included presentations from consortium partners on PES for Mediterranean Regions. Presenters from Catalonia (Spain), Chania (Greece), Liguria (Italy), Languedoc Roussillon (France) and Slovenia described Best Practices developed in the frame of the SylvaMED project which supported pilot actions on PES in the seven partner countries of the consortium.

There was also a session on Sustainable Forest Management and Integration of Funds and participants discussed final editing of the Green Book and plans for policy recommendations and approaches to policy-makers across the regions. A joint Political Statement will be release d in the summer.

mushroom_pes_scheme_stura_valley.jpg : 70Kb

Participants took part in a Field Trip to one of the pilot areas in the Municipality of Ceranesi (Case Grilla) to look at forests in situation of hydro-geological risk, one of the case studies in the SylvaMED project. In the afternoon they visited a biomass plant in the Stura Valley and were presented with a PES scheme for mushroom picking developed by a forest owner consortium, involving QR codes on signpost in the forest using permits bought through through Paypal.

Photo: Elena Gorriz

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