Membership of EFI and EFIMED

EFIMED Membership

The EFIMED Network consists of institutions and individuals related to the Mediterranean forestry who meet  to discuss and advocate on Mediterranean forestry issues.

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If you are a Mediterranean forester or are interested in these issues and would like to be included on our dissemination list, please contact Ms Sarah Adams: sarah.adams (at)

If your institution wishes to belong to the EFIMED Network, please contact Mr. Inazio Martinez de Arano, inazio.martinez (at)

EFI Membership

Any organisation can apply for EFI membership.  Members include research institutes, educational establishments, commercial organisations, forest authorities and non-governmental organisations.

EFIMED Members located on the North Mediterranean basin (belonging to a European state) are eligible to be Associate Member institutions of the European Forest Institute.

EFIMED Members located on non-European States can apply for Affiliate membership. 

Further information and applications.