EFIMED Week 7-9 Nov 2016
Popilia resort, Calabria, Italy




Rosanna Quagliariello

As the head of External Relations at IAM.B she is in charge of the interactions with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the Italian and foreign embassies, with national and international academic, scientific and cooperation organisations; she is also in charge of the preliminary contacts for the organisations of scientific and cooperation events in Italy and abroad. Additionally, she is in charge of the development of "Gender Empowerment" sector. In this field she has taken part in many national and international events as a keynote speaker, and is involved in the implementation of several projects financed by the European Union, by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture.

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Prof. Hamed Daly-Hassen

Prof. Daly-Hassen is a researcher at INRAT (National Institute for Agricultural Research of Tunisia) in Economics of natural resources. He holds a PhD in forest economics from ENGREF, Paris in 1995. He has coordinated several European cooperation projects and has worked in research programs related to forest economics, especially on forest valuation, forest evaluation, and marketing of forest products, for twenty years. He worked as an expert for different international organisations (IPBES, UNFF, World Bank, FAO, IUCN, etc.). He has published about one hundred scientific papers in refereed journals and relevant books.

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Joachim Englert

Joachim Englert studied forestry at the University of Applied Forest Sciences Rottenburg in Germany. During his studies, in 2000, he worked in Brazil with homeless children creating an environmental forest education trail. Between 2004-2012, he coordinated projects with different collectives in Barcelona dealing with the risk of social exclusion. In 2013, he got self-employed and in 2014 he founded SocialForest after receiving the award for Social Entrepreneurs from the Foundation "La Caixa". SocialForest is a company, coordinated by Joachim, that works with young people realising professional training programms, sustainable forest management and forest coaching.

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Spyridon Mamalis                                                                               EMaTTech/geotee                                                                          

Spyridon Mamalis is Associate Professor of Marketing and Head of the Department of Oenology and beverage technology, at East Macedonia and Thrace institute of Technology. Dr Mamalis holds a BSc in agricultural Economics, an MSc degree in Food Marketing and a PhD in Food Marketing.
He is the president of Geotechnical chamber of Greece since 2011. Also, he is a member of the board of the European Confederation of Agronomists Associations.
Moreover, he is a member of the board of M.A.I.CH, and member of the board of ELGO Dhmhtra. Furthermore, he is a member of the board for national agricultural strategy in Greece.


Alessandro Leonardi

Alessandro Leonardi is an entrepreneur, co-founder, and Executive Director at ETIFOR srl , dealing mainly with business development, international tenders and proposals preparation.
He has actively participated in several European networking, training and research projects dealing with economics and marketing of forest products and services.
He holds a PhD in Forest Policy and Economics from the University of Padova and he specializes in integrated financing and Market Based Instruments for water related ecosystem services and biodiversity conservation. He is currently Project Coordinator for the Erasmus+ ECOSTAR research­ enterprise virtual hub.

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Petra Isabella Schwarz
BFW Austrian Research Centre for Forests

As Project Manager for Green Care Forest in Austria she initiated the research project Green Public Health – Benefits of Woodlands on Human Health and Well-being. Based on the study she was responsible for different social integrative projects as Forestkindergarten, Social Work for permanently unemployed and handicapped people.

Currently she is preparing the international scientific conference Landscape and Human Health in May 2017 in Vienna.


Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza

Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza is professor of Silviculture and Forest Ecophysiology and director of the Department of Biotechnology, Agrofood, and Forest Innovation at the University of Tuscia, Viterbo, Italy. He is the author of over 200 scientific papers and books; his research themes include trees and forest response to climate changes and increasing CO2 concentrations.
He is coordinator of the EU Large Infrastructure POP/EUROFACE and partner of several EU research projects, national delegate and vice-chair of the ESF-COST Domain “Forests, their Products and Services”, and Chair of the Board of the European Forest Institute.



Inazio Martinez de Arano

Inazio Martínez de Arano joined EFIMED as Head of Office in June 2013. He was previously Executive President at the Union of Foresters of Southern Europe (USSE), where he was involved in the analysis of forest-related policy developments at European and global levels, and the evaluation of the potential effects of policies and regulations on Mediterranean and South Atlantic forests and forestry.
He was the coordinator of forest research and a researcher at the Basque Institute for Agricultural Research (NEIKER) as well as a university lecturer in the University of Concepción, Chile. As President of the European Institute for Cultivated Forests (IEFC), he was involved in the establishment of the Atlantic European Regional Office - EFIATLANTIC.


  Giorgio Matteucci
  Grammenos Mastrojeni

Laura Secco