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14th June 2012


Welcome by Abdelaziz Zairi, General Director of INRGREF , Sonia Ben Saida, Head of Cabinet, Ministry of Women & Family , Marc Palahi , Director of EFIMED

Session 1. Supporting women in science


Keynote speakers. Moderator: Laura Secco, University of Padova, Italy

Opening speech, by Angeles Rodriguez Peña, COST

Evidence based forestry – reflections on women’s participation by Gillian Petrokofsky, Oxford University, UK 

Panel discussion: Women in Research - What differences are they making? Panellists :

  • Gloria Dominguez, Catalonia Forest Sciences Center, Spain
  • Dijana Vuletic, Croatian Forest Research Institute, Croatia
  • Gillian Petrokofsky, Oxford University, UK
  • Angeles Rodriguez Peña, COST



Introduction to posters - 1 minute presentation from authors

Coffee break. Poster session I

Session 2. The role of women in innovating rural areas and sustainable management of natural resources


Panel discussion. Moderator: Farida Mellaoui-Murzeau, Consultant, Algeria

The YMCA in Lebanon: Empowerment of rural women in income generating activities by Patricia Sfeir, YMCA, Lebanon

Women in rural area in Tunisia as a development actor by Sonia Ben Djemia, CREDIF, Tunisia

Promoting women in the field of natural resources in the Mediterranean: GIZ initiatives by Heidrun Stroebert-Beloud, GIZ

Rural women in Tlemcen by Fouzia Guermouche

Integrating the gender approach through the promotion of forest resource diversity by Sihem Boulmis





Case studies Moderator: Gloria Dominguez, Catalonia Forest Sciences Center, Spain

Protecting forests while generating rural incomes from forest products: the case of Zagouan forest in Tunisia by Saber ben Mbarek, Center for Arab Women Training And Research, Tunisia

Gender structures in forestry organisations: the case of Italy by Laura Secco, University of Padova

The role of women in water resources management by Soukeina Bouraoui, Center for Arab Women Training And Research, Tunisia




Introduction to Posters - 1 minute presentation from authors

Coffee break . Poster session II


Panel discussion: Reflexions from young scientists and innovators: Focus on the future! Moderator: Margaret Shannon, EFI 

Panellists: Laila Annouri, HCEFLCD, Morocco; Amel Ennajah, INRGREF, Tunisia; Itto Ouhta, Model Forest Ifrane, Morocco; Elsa Sattout, Notre Dame University, Lebanon; and Afwa Thameur, Institute of Arid Regions of Medenine, Tunisia


Conference end: Final conclusions and Best poster award, by Margaret Shannon, EFI

Best poster
Climate change, perception of risks for women and a vision for better resistance: the experience of the SEARCH project - BERRAD F et al

Special mention
The knowledge of Berber rural women using medicinal plants (Tizi Ouzou province, Algeria) - MEDDOUR-SAHAR, O et al

The extraction of fixed lentisk oil: a new method used by women in forest zones - MEZNI, F et al

The story of smoke hunters: women at watchtowers

- DINÇ-DURMAZ, B  et al