Grant to the best scientific work on Mediterranean Model Forests

The Mediterranean Model Forest Network ( MMFN), the  Center of Forests and Forest Industry Services and Promotion of Castilla y León ( CESEFOR) and EFIMED promote and support research in or about Mediterranean Model Forests. Scientists with winning proposals are granted a Study Visit to their selected Model Forest to implement their research.

The grant will be awarded to the best scientist who is expected to make a significant contribution to advancing Mediterranean forest science on one of the topics prioritized in the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda, as applied or potentially applicable in Model Forests. The work should be innovative and original, and deal with forest science or adjacent scientific disciplines of interest for forestry.

Awarded Scientists 2014

Adrián Pascual
University Eastern Finland

The use of DTUs (Dynamic Treatments Units) to enhance forest management and stand definition in mixed Mediterranean forest

Ghenima Ghemouri
Lisbon University,

Biodiversity and Ethnobotany in Algeria: (Comparison between Tlemcen’ Model Forest and Biosphere of Djurdjura)

Enrique Hernandez
University of Castilla-La Mancha Albacete, Spain

Origin identification of P. halepensis forest reproductive material on model forest candidate of Sª Espuña

Awarded scientists 2011-2012

alfredo_landa_250.jpg : 74Kb

Alfredo Fernández Landa
Agresta S.Coop, Spain

Analysis and 3D visualization of the forest development in the model forest candidate of Sierra Espuña

photo_amira_150.jpg : 28Kb

Amira Gammoudi
INRGREF, Tunisia

Private and social profitability of the forest investments for the production of the environmental services in Tunisia

Awarded scientists 2010-2011

Dr. Jose Ramón González Olabarría
Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia

Mapping fire risk in the Model Forest of Urbión, Spain, based on airborne LIDAR measurements

Dr. Rafael Navarro
University of Córdoba

The effect of climate and site quality on individual tree growth and stand dynamics of Cedrus atlantica Manetti in Ifrane, Morocco

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