The II Mediterranean Forest Week

5-8th April 2011 - Avignon, France

Venue: Palais des Papes


Download the booklet of the MFW here: part I - part II

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Coinciding with the UN Year of Forests, the Second Mediterranean Forest Week will be held in Avignon. 

The Mediterranean Forests Week will bring together relevant stakeholders working on/for Mediterranean forests and forestry: EFIMED, FAO and its Silva Mediterranea Committee, AIFM, PlanBleu, CTFC, ARCMED, MFMN, GIZ, COFOR, USSE. The Ministry of Agriculture of France, the PACA region and INRA will host such initiative aiming at providing a dynamic platform where the scientific community, the policy-makers and key stakeholders meet to network and debate around strategic policy-relevant questions.


Tuesday 5

Wednesday 6

Thursday 7

Friday 8


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