EFI Mediterranean Regional Office - EFIMED

EFIMED is the Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute.
Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was the first EFI Regional Office, launched in 2007. 

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EFI Annual Conference

Registrations now open!

The 2015 Annual Conference and the Seminar “Forest policy research from theory to practice” will be held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, from 30 September to 2 October 2015.



Coordinates a network of more than 60 forest research institutions from 17 Mediterranean countries.

Promotes research and networking on Mediterranean forests, forestry and forest products.

Responds to policy needs by providing science-based information on forests and forestry at the Mediterranean level.

Supports scientific capacity-building, especially in Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries.

Consolidates an international forest research network, aiming to overcome the fragmentation of the Mediterranean forest research community.

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EFIMED receives funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain and the Department of Innovation, Universities and Enterprises of Catalonia and from the CTFC, Forest Technology Centre of Catalonia.

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